Rika Blocks


How to use the Rika Block™

  • Prepare the area you want to install the deck.
  • Place the blocks maximum 1.5 metres apart from each other in any direction, making sure they are level. (thickness of timber dictates space)
  • Lay your beam in the required slot (either 38 or 50mm).
    NB – Please ensure that the timber slotted into the required mould sits on the base of the Rika Blocks™. If the timber is too thick, please use a grinder with sanding disc and sand down the area to fit.
  • Connect your center joists with either galvanized brackets or coach screws and attach your decking boards over the top.Now screw the decking boards into the joists.
  • Click here for help on on How to Build a deck.

So, rather than:

  • cut poles
  • dig holes 600mm deep
  • Enseal (surface treatment) end of pole to reseal exposed untreated end
  • let that dry
  • mix and pour concrete into the ground
  • place and level pole in holes
  • allow time for concrete to cure
  • attach timber to poles
  • attach center joists
  • screw in decking

We would suggest you visit a timber retailer and ask them for some assistance in planning and working out the required timber for the deck you require.

Remember that it helps to take the exact measurements with you, and maybe even some pictures of the area you would like to deck.

Insist on using  Rika Blocks™ as they make DIY more friendly and the installation process much less labour intensive.

The  Rika Blocks™ are light weight, durable and strong. The cleverly engineered block is designed to be used with multiple types of timber.

To buy your Rika Blocks™ directly from us, click the button below. We deliver nationwide and have collection points in Cape Town and Johannesburg.


Watch this short animation showing a
standard deck installation.


Watch this short animation showing a
large deck installation.


Watch this short animation showing
an elevated deck installation using 95 x 95 posts.


In this video we show you how to construct a timber wendy house using the Rika Block.

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